Gym for the Soul

GYM for the Soul

Training Overview

You have a gold mine
The premise that each person has a unique gift given by the creator. This is an invitation to help participants look inside themselves to discover these gifts.
The Singularity and Uniqueness of your Life
Knowing that your life is unique, how would you live it every day? What will you bring to the world that no one else can?
The Meaning Hierarchy
This is a framework to help people learn how to find meaning in their lives and live meaningfully. Starting from the Meaning of the Moment, all the way up to the pinnacle: The Ultimate Meaning; the sources of all values, and the deepest meaning. (Meaning of the Moment, Purpose, Meaning & The Ultimate Meaning)
The Mountain of Values
This is an exercise that helps attendees discover their values, and prioritize them, by drawing their idols on Mountain peaks. In logotherapy, Value discovery is essential for Meaning Discovery, hence living meaningfully.

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