A coaching program to help you lead a meaningful and fulfilled life, so you can intentionally live your dream and say yes to life every day without the feeling of being lost, ambiguous and purposeless even in the toughest moments

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What will you get from this Course?

This course will help you 


What is unique about this course?

This course is the First Certified Course in the MENA region in Existential Analysis Approach

This course is NOT another  “motivationalaffirmations-selfhelp course”, neither is it a “Discover your personality” type of workshops, nor a “How to reach your goals and dreams” by quick wins. 

This course is based on “an existential analysis approach”, that considers  human nature to be open-ended, flexible and capable of an enormous range of experiences. The person is in a constant process of becoming.  “I create myself as I exist”.  There is no essential, solid self, given definition of one’s personality and


How is the course given?

It’s given in a LIVE SESSION every Tuesday starting June 28th till end of 2022

From 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM

The course is limited to a small amount of participants.

This course is delivered through GLE – MENA: The Viennese School of Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, represented by Ms. Sandy ElChaar, in collaboration with the Existential Analysis Society of Canada.


Is this course suitable for you?

Answer these questions

Most of the answers to these questions are available within you, but they are deeply rooted in your values and meaning. With this course, you will uncover mysteries in yourself and hidden gems that will give you an enormous amount of authentic, genuine and intentional way of living life.


What will you learn in this course?

How will this course transform you to a more heightened self-aware person who leads a meaningful and fulfilled life?

Stage 1

Awareness of where authenticity and inner consent have a role in one’s life; hence, understanding and “feeling” what it is like to say “Yes” to something and being able to recognize them in one’s life. 

  • The main fundamental motivations of existence
  • Defining existential analysis and existential situations
  • Self-reflection on personal motivations
  • Understanding the first fundamental motivation of existence

Saying YES! To the first fundamental motivation: “YES I CAN”

Having a clearer picture of my own capacities, incapacities, endurance and acceptance experiences

  • Understanding one’s own capacities and limitations
  • Defining endurance and acceptance
  • Reflecting on one’s own endurance and acceptance

Greater awareness of one’s place in the world

Finding home within oneself and within the world

Reflection on existential themes:

    • Protection
    • Space
    • Support

Their image of trust will change – it will gain more depth

Defining Trust and how it is formed

    • Learning about the different forms of trust in EA
    • Reflection on the concept of trust in one’s life

Stage 2

Relying more on our emotions to understand our relationship with life

  • Likes and dislikes in the overview of EA
  • The role that likes and dislikes play in our relationship with life
  • Reflecting on our likes and dislikes
  • Defining values and reflecting on one’s personal experiences with them

Changing our views on grief and seeing it more as a doorway to healing

  • Grief in the overview of EA
  • Grief in relation to the existential turn
  • Learning about the phases of grieving

Stage 3

Realizing the “Yes” behind the “No” in boundaries

  • Boundaries in the overview of EA
  • Challenges in setting boundaries
  • Relationship between boundaries and responsibility
  • Reflections on the concept of boundaries

Feeling the value of one’s unique self

  • Defining “Self-image”
  • Learning about “the two mirrors” to self-worth development
  • Reflecting on the Existential Themes: Attention – Justice – Appreciation

Stage 4

Moving from being reactive to being active

  • Will in the overview of EA
  • Defining Will to meaning
  • Learning about the difference between a Need, a Wish and a Will?
  • Strengthening one’s own will

Experiencing the existential-meaning turn

  • Times when the question of meaning breaks out
  • Defining the Existential Vacuum
  • The categories of meaning
  • Three prerequisites for existential meaning
  • Meaning making vs meaning finding


What will you get inside the course?

Weekly Live Training

60 hours of group training, distributed on 6 Months from June till December 2022 1 session of 2 hours every week on Tuesday

Monthly Private Session

1 private session every 1 month with the instructor to follow up on a personal level


Workbook that contains everything you need from theoretical to practical


Assignment reflection playbooks


A certificate from the Existential Analysis Society of Canada and GLE MENA

Chatting Room

Access to course members group on electronic chatting room

About The Instructor

  • Doctoral student at the University of Bolton, under the supervision of Prof. Alfried Laengle
  • Psychotherapist in Training with GLE_International
  • GLE – MENA Representative (The Viennese School of Existential Analysis and Logotherapy )
  • APA International Affiliate
  • Clinical psychologist, licensed by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Extensive experience working in the humanitarian sector.
  • Works with patients who have suffered particularly harsh types of trauma in their lives in an effort to help them overcome these experiences and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.
  • Writes on a range of topics including trauma, resilience, existentialism, finding meaning, organizational psychology, and human rights.
  • Works in research

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Pricing Details

60 Hours of Training 3000USD
6 Private Consultation Sessions 600USD
Workbook 100USD
Assignment Playbook 100USD
Virtual Group Access FREE
Total 3800USD

3800 USD
750 USD

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750 USD
550 USD

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Mobile: +961 81 202252

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Any person who wants to live a meaningful and fulfilled life without the feeling of being lost or lacking  purpose  in his/her good or bad times. 

It costs 750$ with a super high discount for early birds (550$), for 6month intensive live weekly sessions, this is almost less than 100 USD per month! This is 10X LESS than visiting a coach/therapist.  

The program is designed to be intensive, given live in small groups, so each participant will take his/her enough time to reflect and participate, in addition to the monthly private sessions. There is no program in the region that offers such value for this amount. Moreover, the instructor is a clinical psychologist who is certified in existential analysis and personal development.

Results will vary from one person to another, but the program is divided into 4 stages. We believe you will start seeing results after stage 2, which is after 3 months of the program. Moreover, the effort you put will affect the results.

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Thank you for registering for The Authentic You program. We are very excited to see you soon. Meanwhile, we will contact you to finalize any pending details and make sure the program is a good fit for you.