Mysteries of Transformation

The story follows Xapien as he leaves his cave room, abandoning his four friends and parents in order to decipher his dreams. Along the way, he enters the doors to hidden worlds and meets 3 wise people who become his mentors. They reveal to him some of the mysteries of transformation in order for him to discover his true light. His parents and friends had lost track of him, and one of his mentors abandoned him near the cave's exit. He continues his journey alone, attempting to escape the cave and defeat the dragon "Chayos".


The story revolves around Freeda, an innocent 12-year-old girl from a wealthy family. Her life was turned upside down when a thorn got stuck in the skin around her heart, causing her physical pain as well as mental and emotional pain while she tried to hide it. Her parents requested numerous doctors, but none were available to soothe her suffering. While preoccupied with their failing marriage, cheating, and alcohol, the parents received devastating news one day. Nasser, her father's Syrian driver, kidnapped Freeda and took her to a refugee camp, where she was held for a few days. There, she discovered another world, one she had no idea existed nor ever seen on social media. The drama continues when Nasser's friend Apo, a Kurdish refugee, kidnaps her mother Martha. The complexities of the situation bring with them hidden remedies; Freeda ends up losing the thorn, and her parents' love is reignited once more.